According to the Twelfth U.S. Census of 1900, Jessie Rose was born May 1872 in Louisiana.  His father was born in Alabama, and his mother was born in Georgia.  He was married to Rebecker Rose in 1897 and was living with her and their 2 yr. old son, James Rose in Natchitoches at that time. Lee Rose was born to the couple in 1904 and died June 25, 1941 (La Statewide Death Index Certificate #7413 of Vol. 17. The Fifteenth U.S. Census of 1930 shows Jessie and Edna Rose living in Caddo Parish.  No other information has been found on Jessie, other than he died at home at the age of 77 of accidental poisoning by ingesting strychnine on March 22, 1947.  His death certificate shows that he was born in Memphis, Tennessee which is consistent with stories told by his granddaughter, Dorothy Rose Jackson. 
As the story goes, Jesse left Edna and there children for some thirteen (13) years and sired a number of children by at least one other woman, Mollie Gober. Known children born outside of Jesse and Edna's marriage are as follows: Lillie Mae James (Aunt Doll); William James (uncle Bill); Jesse James Visator (Uncle Jesse); Herbert Gober; Lula Mae James (Aunt Love); and Gussie Mae James Kimble. Most of these children were adopted by other families and therefore bear their sir names.

Jesse's wife, Rebecker Rose was born Edna Rebecca Wilkes in June 23, 1878 to Edmon and Caroline Williams Wilkes in Natchitoches, Louisiana.  Both parents are said to have been from South Carolina.  It appears that she was the youngest of 7 children: Lizzie Wilks, Sarah Wilks, Dolian Wilks, Samuel Wilks, John Wilks, Carrie Wilks and Rebecca Wilks. Edmond and Caroline married February 15, 1868 in Sabine Louisiana.

The Ninth U.S. Census of 1870 shows Edmon and Caroline living in Sabine Louisiana with two children, Lizzie and Dolly Wilks.  According to the Tenth U.S. Census of 1880, Edman Wilks was born in Arkansas in 1849. His father was born in Georgia, and his mother was born in Alabama.

The 1920 U.S. Census shows 68 yr old Caroline a widower, living in Red River Louisiana with her dauther-in-law, Sarah E. Williams, son, Dean Williams and their adult daughter, Carrie V. Williams Walker.  Caroline's parents are both said to have been born in South Carolina.

The 1930 U.S. Census shows 75 year old Caroline a widower, living in Red River Louisiana with her adult daughter, Sara.  She is listed there as having been born about 1855.  Sara Wilks Williams is also said to be widowed, having been born about 1890. Edna Rebecca Rose died March 10, 1958 from some type of bronchial obstruction ten days after being admitted to Confederate Memorial Medical Center in Shreveport, Louisiana. She was 79 years old.

The Legend

According to stories told by my mother, Dorothy Rose Jackson (who probably got it from her father, James and perhaps her grandmother), Jesse Rose left her grandmother, Edna for 13 years. During this time, he fathered a number of children. Upon James learning of this, he took it upon himself to locate the plantations upon which the children were living. He planned and carried out what has been said to be a theft in the night whereby he got as many of his half siblings as he could and brought them with him. It is still unclear whether these children were brought to the home of Jesse and Edna. There names do not appear on any of the census reports on their household for that time. None of the children carry the name "Rose". Some of them were "adopted" by families that took them in. It appears that those carrying the name "James" were adopted by Alice and Henry James. Others carrying the name "Gober" were "raised by" Albert and Mollie Gober. At least one of the children was named after Jesse, but carries the name "Visitor" or "Vititoe". Mary R. Visitor is believed to be his mother, though it is unclear whether she's adoptive or biological. As far as I can see, based upon my research, Mollie is the true mother of all of those outside children.  And they were all split up and raised by different people who gave the children their sir names. What is surprisingly amazing is that most, if not all, of these children were raised and settled in Bossier or Caddo Parish just a few miles down the road from where Jesse and Edna lived. Some of them were introduced and became known to my mother, while others were not. Others are said to have moved to Houston, Texas or Chicago.

I have attempted to put together (as best I can) a family tree based upon my findings and the stories told by my mother.

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